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Older men: How do you get over the fact that you're too old to date young beautiful women?
I'm not old yet but it's disappointing that one day I'll be too old to date young beautiful women with nice, youthful bodies and will have to settle for older women. How can I get over the fact that someday young beautiful women will be out of my league? Or do preferences change?
As you get older and uglier, you learn to settle for less.

Also, it's creepy for old people to like younger people. Those young beautiful women will end up being the same age as your guys- that's practically pedophilia.
Can you name some beautiful older women?
Who do you think is the most beautiful woman over 50?
Tina Turner, Sophia Loren, Helen Mirra, Blythe Danner, Michelle Pfiffer, Vanessa Redgrave.
Im from chicago and i just moved to madison and i was wonder where are all the beautiful older women at?
i love to have sex and i live in madison wisconsin and am looking for a women who's not afraid to do sumthings
Well...I think they have special places where you find those kinds of people.
If beautiful older women posed for a nudity magazine, would you purchase it?
I mean beautiful,hot moms and grandmas? Tell the truth.
Though I don't purchase them,Raquel Welch,Madonna,Patti LaBelle would be interesting to see!!!!!!!!!!!
Do men get more handsome as they get older, more so than women become more beautiful as they get older?
I think that men look more attractive as they get older. Women on the other hand, get more attractive as they age too, but men are get more attractive per year as they age than women. Older men attract younger women. Older women attract younger men but usually it's the the older men who are more attractive to older women. Even if you account for the wealth of the older man. Men as they age draw more women.

Is is just me or does this observation hold some truth: do men get more handsome as they get older, more so than women become more beautiful as they get older
I really lost you on your whole description up there. Either I'm stupid or that was confusing as hell =P haha
but your observation does hold truth from what I think it means except up to a certain point. Women and men both stop getting good looking at one point wether it's forty or sixty.
Beautiful young women with old men but young guys w/ older women not right? Why?
I'm not that young, but I like older women and find them beautiful. Why is that such a bad thing?
no offense but guys are (most of the time )more immature than women but don't get me wrong i love my bf and he's younger by two years but he's also more mature than me ....
hope that helps
Gals...Do older women prefer to wear beautiful rings than younger women?
who prefers to wear a beautiful ring..Older Women or younger ones? Any reason?
I have noticed more rings on older women for some reason. I dont know why cause i like rings. But i have noticed that older women wear a lot of rings.
Beautiful older women?
Who over the age of 40, do you consider beautiful? I'm knocking on a bit, so would appreciate being reminded of the women my age and older who are still considered beautiful :-)
My mom is gonna be 51 soon, but I'm amazed at how beautiful she still is. I'm not saying this because I'm her daughter, but I've never seen anyone at her age who looks as young and pretty. She must've had found the fountain of youth.

I can share her pic with you if you like. ;)
I really like older beautiful women so much. Would girls date a guy who is way younger if he's mature?
Seriously I tend to like a lot more older women because there mature, funny, they socialize better and they know that sensitive nice guys are better than the tough guys who think their cool. I wish I could find a beutiful girl who's like 5 years older than me and the good news is I am over 18. I'm like probably more mature then some girls my age which I know sounds hard to believe but is true. I know I'm waiting but the older women is what I'm looking for alongs there nice and respectful as well. They also understand relationships and there just way more down to earth the older they get (usually).
I always thought that I would only date older guys. But then I met a guy who is 7 years my junior and you would never guess that he is that much younger than me. He is very sophisticated and mature and most people do not believe he is so young. So, yes, older women do like younger men, as long as the men are on the same level as them.

If you do get serious with an older woman, one thing to consider is where she is at in her stage of life and guyren. She is more likely to be ready for guyren than her younger male partner. This can cause a rift in the relationship. Just an FYI.

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