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Is this a normal response from a college chick who lives at home?
I asked her out and she said she had to "clear it" with her parents. She's been in a relationship before...
College freshman commuter
it's weird. If she's in college she's an adult even if she lives at home. She shouldn't have to ask for her parents permission.
How would you feel if you saw a college chick on her way home?
carrying a box of cereals?

you've just been randomized!
i would feel used
How would you feel if you saw an unruly college chick?
showing up for class in her pajamas and looking like a troll with her hair?
spank her until it's beat red
What questions to ask a chick at a college party to make her want you?
I'm a guy entering college and am planning on hittin up some sick parties. I want to know what questions to ask a girl to seduce her som and try to get the best chance to get her. I'm going to parties where I only know about 2 people there and the rest are just random people. I don't wanna be boring or anything... I wanna chick that's on me for the whole night man!
Ask her:

1) Don't you love to go flying just for fun?

2) How often do you go to New York just for shopping?

3) How quick can you spend $1000 on a night out?

4) Which beach in the southern hemisphere is your favorite?

5) The last time you visited France, how long did you stay?

6) Does your mechanic bring your auto back on time?

7) Wouldn't you agree that Austrailian wines have come a long way?

8) Isn't cavier from Azerbaijan so much more flavorful than that from Bulgaria?

9) Don't you hate how difficult it is to get a good table in L.A. anymore?

10) Which is the better place to recover from the holidays, Singapore or Veracruz?

11) Isn't a mediterranean cruise about the best thing going for the variety in a short time frame?

12) Do you need my driver to take you home or would you prefer I drive you?

Best Wishes

What was that movie about a quite chick who went to college?
Ok so it came on some tv channel at a retaraunt, so i didnt know what it was heres what the plot was of what i watched:
So some chick who lived on a farm and is really quiet goes to college, is still quite, her roomatte is a lesbo, she hates it there and just as shes about to leave, this "Partyish guy" lol convinces her to stay and shes a big party person then
Anyone know?
son in law?
What are some nice rock chick outfits to wear to college?
I'm a rock chick at heart but recently I've not been bothered with that I wear to college and I want to stop doing that as I keep fading into the background. The thing is though I don't wear skinny jeans, just jeans that are close fitting but are looser than skinnies - like straight leg jeans.
Get jeggings, they're like skinny jeans but more flexible :) I'm guessing you come from the uk, in which case it's freezing right now so layer tops and scarves, but oversized jumpers and t shirts work well for this kinda look :)
When a college chick says "we hooked up at a party upstairs" what does that mean?
just wana know if its sex or just making out. ps answer as if this hppend many times not 1 girl
It has different meanings depending on the person. It usually means making out or having sex with someone, ' But it can also mean that two people became a couple !

1. becoming a couple
2. making out
3. having sex.

Hook Up" = Have sex with no relationship.

As in "No Strings."
Ok i somehow pickedd up a college chick at a teen club im guessing she just got into college i need help?
i need help on what to talk about so help help help
First off
GOOD FOR YOU!! A college chick!!

I don't know if any one has given you a hi 5 yet, but I am sending you one with my mind right now.

Just talk about normal stuff. You guys aren't that far apart in age.
Why does this chick college always.............?
Hey guy nd girl please help Why does this college chick always smiles at me
does she is interested in me if so what should i do that situation..
and how to show my interest on her
how react wen a good lukin gal smiles at me....
smile back, say hi,little things like that after that maybe things will move along comfortably
If im an attractive upcomming fresh how do i get older college chick??? ?
Im a decent looking guy and im currently a senior in high school i was wondering what it takes to get iwth the older attractive college girls any advice ???
Just confidence and the right chick, drunk ones work best

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