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Where can i get a latex catsuit Lady Gaga wear?
So does anyone know where can i find a latex catsuits,similar to that lady gaga would wear?
Lady Gaga‘s wearing style is really shocked lots of people by latex catsuit But to us, it is a good news that she is a good leader in wearing zentai suits/ latex catsuits ways. zentai suit is popular in Japan, it is a tight suit made of latex, spandex or some stretched materials, stunt actors in Hollywood film always wear tight suits with some balls, computer will record their traces when they are moving, zentai suit is similar to that kind in extent, but more funny to out it on, zentai is called the 3rd skin of body.In the future zentai suits is surely a good trend for the fashion field.
In fact it will be very expensive to get real zantai suits at local stores ,but there are many china stores made catsuits , i do find many good option like milanoo ,lolitshow ,ebay ,copalymagic and so on !!
Name a good Christmas jingle i can put in my voice recording box on my 'latex lady' I'm fed up with?
'Oh God Your So big'.. 'Feels so good baby...And..'Thats it just there stud'..

I have decorated her in tinsel and draped her in lace undies so a Christmas jingle is what she needs.
I"I've been soo naughty"
"Wow,what a big present Santa!"
"Is that a yule log in your pants or are you just happy to see me"
"Please stuff my stocking"

Do you think the church will ever accept my relationship with my artificial latex lady friend?
I get funny looks sunday mornings , but i thought the church would be more open minded and accepting.

serious answers only please.
As long as she willing to convert I don't think there'll be a problem. Of course she'll have to be baptized
Where can i find a pink latex skirt like Lady Gagas?!?
Its slightly matted latex skirt, ive looked around but can only find very fetishy type, very shiny black latex. Can anyone help?
dont lady gaga is only about slut and u dont want 2 look anything like her
How did Lady Gaga make her origami crystals on her dresses and latex suit?
I know it's not paper, I can tell from some live performances and music videos that they shake alot and almost seem like sponges but they have a solid appearance like plastic or paper.
We post a series of 2 videos showing how to make those awesome crystal so that all the Lady Gaga's fans out there can fold it and get an exact and cheap replica of her dress. Be patient because the results will be fantastic, so it's worthed it. Enjoy!……

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