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Alllllllllright...should I keep my gas hog or get a new fuel efficient car?
I have a 2002 Jeep Liberty...which I love because it handles GREAT, has okay power, is comfortable and I can fit EVERYTHING in it. I feel tough in it...like I could conquer anything. Oh yeah...and it's paid off...
But it gets about 19 mpg...and I drive about 350 miles per week because I commute to a university. That's a lot of money...and I'm kind of poor...broke college guy ya know...

OR...should I get a 2007 Toyota Yaris...which I'm sure won't be as comfy, roomy, fit as much stuff, handle as well, and def won't have the get up and go...and I will probably feel nervous in it rather than like some Joan-of-Ark lesbian in her jeeeeep!
But it gets 40 mpg. And that would save me about $300 per month.

If I get the Yaris, I'm saving $3,000, trading in my jeep ::sigh:: for probably at least $3,000 so I will probaby end up with a $12,000 debt, after the paperwork is signed and all (you know how it always goes up a couple thousand after taxes and all).

So what should I do?
Fuel efficient saves long term but as you mentioned you would be under immense bank pressure. Keeping the hog until later may be a alternative choice. I suggest save up for later!
Boyfriend in contact with former flame?
I feel silly for asking this but here goes:

Should I be worried if my boyfriend has been talking about this girl he used to be head over heels for? Randomly yesterday, he was talking about how this girl ("Jane") is now the owner of some car he had YEARS ago, which went through several owners after him. I overheard him tellin his friends how JANE now has it and it apparently still gets 34 mpg, etc etc as he was bragging on the car.

My thing is, should I be worried about how he found this out? Far as I know they haven't talked in years. But I know she's crossed his mind a few times, one time a few yrs ago (we've been dating 3 yrs) he randomly said "That's what I liked about her, she was fun." needless to say I wanted to cry.

Thing is, she left him for a lesbian years back and I'm pretty sure that hurt him. Not sure if she's still fully lesbian. But now I'm kinda worried about them talking again. Don't know how to confront him. He's broken up w/me once because I got insecure and i've gotten WAY better....so I'm scared to bring it up to him. He said it to me like it was nothing, her having his car. But to me, it sounds like a great opprotunity for them to talk again. I am scared shitless as I love him a lot. He's a good guy who doesn't cheat but I know (at least to some extent) how he felt about her.

Yeah it sounds crazy. Flame away, people.
Nah. Not crazy at all. Everyone feels insecure about something. This happens to be what does it for you. The reality is he is still with you. You can't go around worrying about what MAY happen. So don't start bringing it up or he'll likely do what he did before...break up. Instead, let it ride and see what happens. If he starts to do suspicious things, not show up when he's supposed to, not answer calls or texts...THEN you have something real to be concerned about. And then you can just break up with him. Til then, trust him and you and enjoy your relationship.

Good luck!

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