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Hi all, I need help with my 2 little girls who just started peeing their pants.?
They are ages 3 and 5 and nthing has happened to them in the past 3 years. They have been fully potty trained for years and just started peeing their pants. They say that they dont know that they did it. My 5 yr old is even peeing the bed. I need a list of health problems that could be causing this.
make sure they dont have much to drink before they go to sleep and make sure they go to bathroom before the go to bed - its a phase that will pass - good luck
Does anyone know what countries is it, where they cut the little girls pee pees off for relgious tradition?
Its actually called a clitoridectomy and then they sew the skin up, its pretty sick ****
It's not really their "pee pee" but their clitoris that is removed, though they get often their vaginas [that's where the "pee pee" comes in I suppose) sewn shut as well.
It's generally on the African continent as well as South Asia and the Middle East, it's not specifically localized in one country.

This is a good page with no pictures that gives some information on it:…
For women: When you were little girls, did you ever envy boys' ability to pee standing up?
This may sound crazy, but I did! To this day, I can still remember being as young as 3 or 4 seeing little boys pee while standing up and wondering why I didn't have the same ability! I didn't realize until later on that it was because I was a girl!
100% with ya on this one. I always have wanted to be able to stand to pee. Still do. But just this morning in the shower I thought I would try again to see just how good my "aim" was, and to my surprise, and pure delight, It was a perfect stream!!! It went in perfect arc, as if it would have gone right into the toilet. I can't wait to try it again. I am definitely going to preactice more and try it out of the shower, hopefully soon. I was so excited!!! I have tried this before in the shower, but never with this success.

Don't you just wish that you could sit where you are and pee in bottle if you had to, or something! I know I do!!

My technique was, I just used my two index fingers to pull my lips apart and slightly up, and let her rip. It may have helped that I had to pee hecka bad, but like i said it was awesome!!!!

I just tried it again(took this long to have enough in my bladder to pee, and I've been drinking water, it was only like a 3 second long pee) it worked again. since i just took a shower i didn't want pee to run down my leg if i messed up, so i took off my shorts and panties, so that i was bare butt(i had the bathroom doors locked), i put a washcloth in between my legs in case i messed up and let the pressure(which wasn't much) build up, pushed it out hard, kept a steady stream, and shut it off quickly at the end. All went well, except i noticed the washcloth I had put between my legs was a bit wet, but hey, I've only done this twice. I will definitely be drinking lots of water today, and you bet I'll be peein' every full bladder i get, standing up!! EMAIL ME!!!! if you have any questions or comments PLEASE!!!!

another edit: well, I finally filled my bladder again. I peed again, standing up without pants, but this time without the washcloth, and guess what!!! No, it didn't workout so perfect this time, it went right down my legs and made a huge puddle at my feet. oh well, there's always next time.
Little Girl Peeing Outside?
My 9 year old little girl love her to death but shes been getting naked sqauting in her room mind you and pees what should I do.
At 9 yrs old, you should be able to explain that it's unacceptable, not to mention unsanitary and proceed to make her clean up her own mess, that should put a whole new look on her toileting in her bedroom.
Also, look at the possibility of a fear of the toilet/toilet room itself, has anything happened that would make her fear using the toilet? Obviously she would have to be using the toilet at school?
What's up with the toys that are advertised towards little girls?
Kitchen sets. Grocery carts. Playhouses. Babies that pee themselves. Little play laundry machines. Why are toy companies trying to socialize little girls into being house wives or SAHMs?
It is not about being a housewife, it's the view that a woman should still do all these things as well as have a full-time career and life. It's still what society sees as the woman's role.

I'm not complaining, just saying.

I played with my brother's GI Joe's but I still made some boys and some girls and made them like eachother so maybe little girls do like playing with these types of toys and no use taking them away if they like them.
Should little boys be made to wait just like little girls if no bathroom is available?
As we all know, its easy for little boys to pee just about anywhere or in anything (bottles, coffee cans, etc.) but as we girls know, its not that easy. If a bathroom is not available, should a little boy have to hold it until a proper bathroom is found (especially if there are little girls in the car)?
When they are very little i think it's ok, when they gotta go they gotta go. But when they are old enough to hold it for a while they should wait, teach them good etiquette :D
How do girls pee if they are wearing tights on the inside of a leotard?
If your little girl has to pee really bad while in dance class, how do you teach her to go if you are not there with her?
You're going to have to teach how to get her leotards up and down for this.
Nobody told me little girls could pee over the!?
We're in the process of potty training our 2 year old daughter. She's only had two accidents in the past two weeks and is pooping on the potty :) However, almost every time she pees, it shoots over the seat and onto her pants and myself! We've tried a wooden family seat from target, the flip-n-flush and a basic toilet ring. She has peed over every single one of them. Even when I make sure she's sitting all the way back on the seat, it still almost hits the front of the seat. Who knew girls could do that?! Any suggestions for good seats to go on the adult toilet or things I can do? She likes to get on and off the toilet by herself, and the little splash guards hurt her, so we've steered clear of those.
totally normal and i just knew about this when dd started splashing around lol.. its so simple, just have her close her legs while sitting on the toilet seat..nothing will get out.. i use this trick with my dd and it works everytime.. GL!

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