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What types of bras and Underwear are there and what are their advantages and disadvantages?
Um for a while I was a tomboy and I just wore boxers and no bra when I was little. But now I'm 14 and obviously growing up. This afternoon my Moms letting me go shopping and shes letting me get any bras or underwear I want. I know their are a ton of types so if anyone could tell me about the types of bras and panties and what they are good and bad for it would be a big help. Thanks.
1.) Push-up- Push-ups are my personal favorite because I feel like they give me extra support. They're pretty comfy too.

2.) Padded- Padded bras just have a little padding in them. They're good for you if you've never worn a bra.

1.) Boyshorts- Boyshorts are really comfortable, but give most people a wedgie.

2.) Bikini- These are cut like bikini bottoms and are pretty comfy.

That's all I can think of, but when you go to the store, try on different styles of both bras & undies to see what you like.
Where can I find cute bras in larger sizes?
I need to go bra shopping and have no idea where to shop! I need a shop that carries 34E - 36E and preferably, not grandma bras! I need:

Convertible bra (or one strapless and one halter)
Push-up bra
At least one black, one tan, and one white bra
One fun bra in a cute pattern

Anything else? Please provide links!

They have 3 stores (New York, Chicago, and Atlanta) that you can go and be properly fitted and pick out very nice bras. If none of these are in your area, then they list several stores on their site that carry the same brands as in the main stores.

My mom has had a tough time finding bras that fit (34 H) and this place was fantastic. They even remembered the exact bra she needed when she called back 3 weeks later after her appointment.

Good luck!
Should i start wearing padded bras and panties?
I am a 7th grader, 13 years old and I am constantly get made fun of how flat chested and "no ***" I have. I hate it so much. I am comfertable in my own body but EVERYONE in my school has big boobs and a huge butt.
Should I start wearing padded bras and panties?
Heck no, you're in grade 7. If others discovered you using these, they would make your situation much worse knowing you caved in due to low self-esteem.

Your body is still growing, and it will continue to grow and change for several more years. You're young, and you should appear cute now, not too curvy. Be proud of how you look by showing how confident you are! I'm sure you look great! So long as you smile and are happy, who really cares?
Where do I get big bras with little or no support?
Dear People!

I am in the F-H cup with a small band size club. I notice that many of the bras in my size have wide straps and strong support features.

I have decided that it's probably healthier to let my boobs support themselves. Do you know of any large cup small band bras that give low or no support? They would cover my boobs but have slim straps and back bands.

I appreciate your advice. Thank you.
If you have big boobs, you need more support. It's as simple as that. If they have little or no support, then what's the point in wearing one? I doubt you'll find many bras with what you're looking for. Sorry.
What are some good online places to shop for bras?
My size is really hard to find, 30D, and I need some new bras before I leave for camp in a week. Victoria's Secret doesn't carry any band sizes below 32, and I had no luck at Nordstom. Any ideas about places online I could go looking?
Macy's, Target, Hottopic.
How to handle this situation involving my 12 yo girl and her bras?
I have a 12 yo daughter that started wearing bras a month ago. She doesn't like it that much, but I thought it was time for her to get started. She resisted a bit, but no big problem, she's a very good girl and I treat her with much love. She promised me she won't disobey and will try to get used to her bras. But sometimes she tries some tricks: She doesn't disobey or make fusses, but sometimes she "forgets" to put her bra on. Then, she gets close to me so that I can see she's braless and maybe let it pass. When I tell her she's braless, she says Oh I forgot. And I make her put it on.
Another trick is resisting learning how to put her bras on. She says it's kinda hard and says I gota help her. Well, I do, but this can't go forever.
Of course, those are guyish things and I don't see any big problem, but I'd like opinions on how to handle this situation.
Compromise and let her wear sports bras. They are not "tricky" to put on and are less restrictive, but still offer support and modesty.

She will decide to start wearing a bra when she sees all of her friends wearing them. She is just at that age.
What is a brand with bras similar to Victorias Secret pink?
Okay, I have been looking for bras similar to victorias secret, costing LESS. For example, I want a PLAIN beige/nude colored bra with no frilly lace or bows. Just a plain bra. Somewhere around 0-20$. Thanks.
Aerie by American Eagle has bras similar to PINK. The plain ones range a little over $20. They are $24.50, but American Eagle has so many promos/discount codes that you could probably use to get them cheaper. They have some of their bras on sale right now too. You can view them all if you go to the American Eagle website and just click the bras section under Aerie. Hope this helps!
Do you know a retailer who sells shelf bras?
I prefer not to buy online. I have looked at victorias secret and a few other places but they don't have what want. I'd like a store I can go to and try on the bras. I have large breasts and after two guys and breasfeeding...well you know. I need something with clear or no straps that my boobs won't fall out of when I lean over and that won't slide down. I thought this shelf bra would work but I can't find it anywhere.
Sadly finding shelf Bra's are next to impossible to find.

the only places the sell them other then online retailers it seems is sex shops.

and those ones really aren't the greatest... well not around here.

A few brands i know that make good ones though are

Axami (i have one of these, love it)
Beauty Night
Eros Venensia?
lola luna (expencive)

hope that help.
Where are some stores that sell big bras that are comfortable?
So I have a breast size of about 38ddd and actually Im not actually very certain on that. My bra now is a 42 dd and its way to small. Walmart doesnt have any bras that fit me. and Victoria secret pretty much just makes small sizes. Where else. I dont want no big ugly looking bras either. Does anyone make bigger bras that are cute and comfortable?
Definitely try Bare Necessities online.
They have 216 bras available in your size 42DD.…

You can also search by style and size so you will eliminate looking at bras that aren't even available in your size.

Hope this helps you!
Where can I find affordable but cute bras and panties?
Victoria's Secret is so expensive, and Aerie is on the pricey side too. Old Navy has cute panties, but no bras. Does anyone know where I can find cute stuff without paying tons of money?
H&M is pretty cheap for cute bras and undies and urban outfitters can be cheap too if you get it on sale

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