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What city and country can I find a mass amount of girls with nice, plump, round butts?
It can be White girls, blacks, mexicans, indian, asian, etc. Help me out with this.
Brazil. It's part of their culture. The roundest butts get the most praise down there!
How do skinny girls get big butts?
I'm wondering how in the world skinny girls will have like really plump butts? Is it genetics? I like mines, but I would want it just a little more out there to impress guys lulz ???
they sit all the time... and text their girl buddies about shopping and boys....
and also because of genes.
Out of all the white girls, why do Irish girls have such big nice plump butts?…

Second girl from left has a phatty, and also the girl at the far right has a phatty.

In the past few years, I've run into white girls with big butts, and every time I ask what is their background, they always say they are Irish, or mixed with Irish. I think Irish white girls have nice butts compared to their other white girl counterpart. Why is this I wonder?
im irish and i don't think i have a big butt. my sister's irish (obviously) and she has the skinnest butt ever. this is a little offensive to us irish but im sure your not trying to offend me. maybe its just a coincedence?
How can I lose weight in my stomach area but get a plump butt?? Serious Question?
I have a gut and I want to get rid of it and get a nice flat stomach. I want to make my booty plumper too so how can I lose weight in my stomach area and make my booty bigger>>
Know your daily calorie limit. When I was in the process of losing weight, it was suggested that I stay under 1700 calories a day. Knowing that number was half the battle. I could eat anything I wanted throughout the day, so long as I would stay at or beneath that number. While I couldn’t track 100% of the items I ate, I was able to make intake estimates – and adjust my schedule and ration my remaining calories accordingly. In this sense, you’re given extreme freedom – so long as you stay at or beneath that suggested calorie level for your plan. If you don’t know how much you’re supposed to take in, how are you supposed to know how much you’re supposed to take in?! Sounds redundant, but it’s a situation that many “dieters” are in (which is why they fail)!
How do I get a plump butt?
I have a nice little butt, it's not wide and has some plumpness to it, but more towards the how can I get a nice full plump butt?
Just make excerises or workout that make u have a cute butt!
What exercise can I do to plump up my butt & define the line under my butt?
I would like to add more definition and fullness to my butt, especially that line underneath your butt, the crease that is at the top of your thighs. What butt workout will help define this area and plump up my butt?

Thanks everyone!
Twinkies and Cup Cakes will definitely plump it out.
How can I get a plump butt?
I want it to be more firm and lifted. Not saggy, but not a huge bubble butt either.
Lunges and dumbbell squats. 100/day! You gonna get it!
I have a big and big thighs. How do I keep my butt plump but slim down my thighs?
I want to keep my butt big and juicy. I don't want it to be hard, but I want to get rid of my thunder thighs. Is there a special diet or workout?
Everyone has a problem spot. It can be around the stomach, thighs, arms or chest. No matter where your trouble spot is, the solution is exactly the same. You need to eat less and exercise more. The reason why there's only one solution for all of these problems is because it's impossible to tell your body where to burn the excess fat from.

When you eat too many calories, your body stores the excess energy as fat in different areas around the body. To lose this fat, you need to create a calorie deficit (eat less than you burn) to force your body to start burning that fat for energy. There is absolutely no way to control where your body goes to find this extra fat.

The larger your calorie deficit (a bigger calorie deficit means a bigger difference between what you eat and what you burn) the faster your body will burn excess fat and the quicker your body fat percentage will start to decrease. You can increase your calorie deficit by cutting your daily intake and exercising more. Sit ups will do nothing to target the fat around your abs just like squats will do nothing to target the fat around your thighs. You can find some more information at the Straight Health Forums -
How do I make my butt look plump?
Well i kinda have a flat one wat excercise do i need to do to life it up and make it plump looking lol.
squats, lots of them

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