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We are having a little disagreement over Michael Phelps?
I don't remember how we got on this subject but we started talking about Michael Phelps. My friend kept going on& on about how sexy he think Michael Phelps is and how he has a nice body. I disagree with with him and I don't find anything attractive or sexy about him at all. He's kind of funny looking and his body looks like a little teen boy body. Does anyone agree with me or do you side with my friend?
I think he is kind of hot.

He does have a horse face. But that is OK.

I was a swimmer, that is why I like him.
Where can I find cute teen & sexy clothing?
i need some cute clothing that is cute but a little sexy too. it has to be school appropriate. if anybody could just like possibly post some pics of clothing, that would be sooo freaking' awesome!thnx!!!
the Pink store by victoria's secret!
Look don't these look good ( she look like a sexy little girl)?
i'll freak her, and why do yall keep calling me a pervert. I'm not

copy and paste this whole thing in the address bar
Do You not relize that is Guy and Teen pornography= JAIL/PRISON TIME!. That is so wrong, KEEP YOUR PERVERTED PHOTOS AND COMMENTS TO YOURSELF!!!!!!!!! GET HELP, SEEK SEX THERAPY!
*your probably one of those nasty creeps that go to shopping malls where the teen girls hang out and you watch them and take photos of them for your pleasure...Im an Ex Mall cop and you'd be surprised how many sicko's try to pull that and get caught....GET A LIFE!
For guys, if there any difference between sexy and hot?
I've noticed that many guys and even older men by and far tend to call me sexy. Personally, I thought that word was a little out of date, and that most people (especially people in their teens and twenties) said hot as opposed to sexy.

I thought the two words mean basically the same thing, but now I'm wondering if there is actually a slight difference in meaning between sexy and hot or if just most people prefer to say sexy as opposed to hot?
Hot is just in body. Sexy is in personality and looks and body. It shows that you're mature and experienced.
In need of a sexy, yet classy outfit for teen club!?
okay so in a week, some of my friends and i are going to a teen club party. the theme is hollywood. i am fifteen years old and this is my second time going to one of these clubs. i want to dress cute, and a little sexy (maybe a little cleavage/a short-ish dress/skirt) but CLASSY. and definitely not skanky/trashy. even though the other girls dress like total sluts, i like to keep it classy :)

also, i want to be comfortable, because they are 4 hours long, and it gets really hot/sweaty in there.

+ it is a teen club night for ages 13-18.
the club is an actual club, but on certain nights, they have it only for teens.

any suggestions? you can post links if you want.
thanks for your time loves! (:

me and my friends like to go sometimes because it is super fun!
I think this top is adorable and might be just what your looking for. pair it with some cute black or white shorts and matching flats and your good to go. you will be comfy and still looks hot.…

maybe some shoes like these. im not really sure on your style but i hope it helps.…
What age is it appropriate for Teens to wear 'sexy' clothes?
Okay, so I'm thirteen, i got a bunch of clothes from our fifteen year old neighbor, and they all fit, but they're just very 'grown up'. My mom doesn't think any of it is a problem, but some of them look very provocative. The last thing I want if Pedo's following me, but at the same time, it's nice to feel attractive.

There's this one white halter top that shows my bra, I have no idea if I'm supposed to leave the bra showing or take it off, or what, lol.
Oh, and (lol this is a dumb question) are there any sexy/comfortable panties that don't include a string up your butt crack!?

And before you ask, yes, I look a lot older than I am. My mom says I could get into 18+ bars, and they even serve me wine at restaurants, but I'm very insecure about what is appropriate for my age.
Please don't give me my Grandma's answer; 'cute little butterflies and daisies!' UGH!

Help please!
:) The more comfortable you are with what you are wearing the sexier you will appear to people. Sexiness is all about confidence. You can be sexy without showing too much skin! Leaving more to the imagination is defiantly best. It is like getting an unwrapped birthday present...where is the surprise?

About the halter top: there are several bras that are made for shirts like that, and you can also find other ways to cover yourself like bra petals, but trust me...if you are uncomfortable with your outfit, guys can tell. And try boy shorts. No string needed ;) you can be sexy and comfortable! Good luck!
When did "sexy" Halloween costumes first become popular?
You know a lot of women these days like to wear sexy costumes on Halloween, you know the whole Mean Girls joke, "Halloween is the one time a year a girl can dress like this and no one can say anything". But, I'm curious... When did sexy costumes for Halloween become popular, becoming the norm for teens and young adults alike to dress in skimpy little costumes? I'm just curious.
The coolest most existing and somehow sexy movie that the main character is a teen?

the type of movie that feels cool and a Little dark. and focuses on a teen. a new movie(not before 1995) pleas if you know a good free site
where i can wach movies that would be great. and tell me what the movie is about.
Wild Things (
Its from 1998 but its got a great cast of many famous actors. Its one of those movies that everyone has seen. It definitely has the wild and sexy teen element.
Is IMVU a bad site for teens?
I have a little niece shes like 13,
and everytime I walk by she put her imvu chat down.
Once I was watching and this stranger said
"Hey sexy babe"
Lately shes been cussing a little at me.
Is imvu a bad site for guys and teens?
no, I think that site's target audience is guys/teens
How to look sexy and beautiful for boyfriend?
When spending time with my boyfriend alone, I want to look sexy and beautiful for him.
But the thing is, I look a little young for my age (I'm in my 20's), and often mistaken as a teen. Which is probably why he calls me cute, but never beautiful, hot, or sexy.
What would make me more attractive as a woman, without wearing skimpy clothing (or wearing no/few clothes)?
tight jeans with thong.
sexy tank tops or tops itself showing some cleavage.
high heels.
medium - long hair. clean and tidy. clean clothes , smell good.
u will be hot as hell.

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