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So where can I find a decent selection of sexy lingerie?
My wife and I are coming up on our anniversary...(3years)...and as part of her gift I want to present to her a nice lingerie...(preferrably something in silk)....ladies any suggestions?
....(and please don't suggest Victoria's Secret, my wife isn't
quite that skinny)

Looking for Lingerie...and even silky stockings to go with it
Forget about victoria's secret there lingerie selections are wonderful but too expensive. You should definately try It is an online lingerie store, they have a wonderful selection its like a victoria's secret but more affordable. Try looking there I think your wife will love what you choose from there....they have a wide variety of lingerie I'm sure you'll find what you have in mind! Happy anniversary!
Guys: What type of sexy lingerie would you prefer your woman to be wearing?
Silk, lace or printed?
Where i can find a shop which is sell sexy lingerie,,,?
like lace lingerie,silk pajamas
Victoria Secret will be your best bet. They have lace, to push up, to anything you can think of. Also, if you want it to fit perfectly, they will size you. They have a lot to choose from.

However, if you're looking for something a bit more innocent, go to Aerie or Forever 21. Both stores have cute lingerie, at an affordable price too.

Which is more sexy for lingerie on a girl?
A red push up bra with sheer red boy shorts


A silk black laced corset, with red and pink flowers that goes to a little bit above the belly button
with black laced underwear

Which one? Oh and i have black hair, dark brown eyes, and i'm like a size 2- 4.

Which would look better?
First one, but me personally I need a thong or G string instead of the boy shorts
I want to gift my girlfriend sexy lingerie on her birthday. which brand makes most sexy lingerie?
i need something in silk n net.
Sexy lingerie?
My boyfriend and I have a great relationship.. including a great sex life. But our one year anniversary is coming up and as a surprise to him I want to get some sexy lingerie for the night. The only thing is, I have never done this before. I know he likes silk alot, so I want silk and not lace... And I want to buy it at an actual store or a really reputable site.. actual store is my preference... I have very fair skin and brown hair... What should I get?
Victoria's Secret has a lot of really classy-looking stuff. You can also find things that are edgy and really sexy. Plus, the staff is usually helpful.

You can't go wrong with a pair of sexy stockings!
Guys, is there anything sexy that you wear to bed for your wife? I wear lingerie every single night, make ?
sure I'm clean and shaven and my husband just wears his boxers. He refuses to wear something sexy for me like silk pajamas or pajamas at all. Do any of you husbands go out of the way at night for your wife? At least shower or brush your teeth before bed?
My husband brushes his teeth and shaves his face before coming to bed.

He used to wear boxers to bed, but I changed that to silky pajamas. I like the feel of soft pajamas against his lean hard body.
Good silk/satin lingerie?
I asked my girlfriend what she wanted for her birthday, and she told me to just get her some lingerie that I'd want to see her in. I know she likes silk and satin panties, bras, etc. which I find sexy. So from a girl's perspective, what exactly should I get for her?
Just go lingerie shopping with her! Then you can admire her in a number of sets and she can choose the one she likes most.
Why don't guys have sexy lingerie, or less willing to dress up for sex?
i mean we do all the time for the guys always willing to put on something tight,short,revealing and uncomfortable. but they don't really make an effort except for a bath, and possibly new silk boxers.
i'm a virgin but me and my bf do go as a far as foreplay, and we played dress up recently. i walked around half naked with an apron on, in 2 inch heels, for almost two hours, while he watched as i made dinner. and also served him it. although it was fun afterwards, i wish that he would make an effort to surprise me one day with a costume and scenario, or something sexy. but when i told him about it, the next time i seen him he surprise me in this handyman get up, with cheesy lines. he just had me laughing the hold time, it wasn't really at all sexy.

so whats the problem guys?
I'd rather have my guy au natural.

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