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How do i say i have shaved dark blonde hair in spanish?
i know the dark blonde hair bit

tengo el pelo rubia oscuro

but how to say shaved

I dyed my hair bleach blonde and then shaved most of it off but there is still a hint of red in my hair?
will it fade out or should i redye it...and also after i shaved it there was a blonde hint but i dyed to medium brown (my natural hair color is dark brown) anyways it looks kinda weird under the light....does dying hinder the growth?
If you dyed it blonde how do you have red in it? It sounds like your natural hair just has a red tone to it and under certain lights you can see it. No dying has nothing to do with how fast your hair grows.
Can you put blonde dye into shaved brown hair?
I want a blonde flash through my hair but the part i'm putting it on is shaved.. can this be done? I've been told a personal hairdresser that it cannot be done as it must be a certain length to hold....
Duh!! Did you think about it a bit before posting your question??

Of course you can't colour (no such thing as a blonde dye) hair that doesn't exist. When you shave, you have cut the hair at the surface of the skin. When you colour hair, it is only what is above the skin. That is the part you have cut off.... so how can you colour hair that is not there??

Dye is for fabric and leather; it can only make things darker and deeper in colour. You cannot make anything lighter with a dye. A hair colour most likely always contains bleach in it, and that CAN lighten hair somewhat. But if you want to remove all colour from the hair (which is outside the skin), then you have to use a bleach. There is no other way.

When the hair is long enough to be seen, and to be held between your fingers, then you can colour it. Remember that it is always growing, so you will see dark roots very fast when it is very short, and very light in colour. Is it worth it?

Easier to get some of that spray-on colour... easier to apply, comes off easily, and looks better.
Would I look good with bleach blonde hair? Or with a shaved head, about size 2 or 3?

yeah so i was thinking about a new hair cut, shaved or bleach blonde... or just leave it...?
Go for a real change: No 2 buzz bleached blond. I think it would be great.
I want to either get a blonde mohawk or a black buzzcut or shaved head, what works for a country boy/rocker?
I also need some good weight advice and what would be better to do do it normally or use a weight loss pill or some type of surgery, because I'm only 16 years old.
OK, from a girls point of view.........NEITHER!!! Chicks dig longer hair on guys. If you have that "chizzled" type of face, short hair, but normally long hair is the best. I don't understand why guys think the freaker, the more girls will like it. It totally turns me off and a lot of other girls I know too. Guys, don't go freaky on us. Concentrate on being good to us and treating us like you appreciate a good woman and we will fall at your feet! :)
Would I look better with a bald shaved head or light blonde bleached hair for this summer?
This is a pic of me:

Any other choices?
Do a light brown color with some blond highlights, and maybe grow your hair out a little more or get it slightly trimmed.

If you shave it off, it wouldn't look very good, in my opinion.

If you dye it all blonde, not only will you shock everyone with such a dramatic change from dark to light, but you will also shock yourself.

If you really want to go lighter, do it gradually over time, not all at once. By getting a lighter shade of brown and some blonde highlights, you can get an idea of whether or not you'd like to go lighter in color. It will also keep the shock of suddenly having pale hair away if you gradually go lighter.

BTW, this is a very nice picture of you. You look quite professional.
How do you eliminate the dark area of a shaved head?
I'm a white male and just recently shaved my head completely bald. Of course, now I have the blueish/grayish tint on my head outlining my hair growth area. Any way to get rid of it? Would I have to bleach my hair blonde, then shave so it blends in with the color of my skin?
This is called the five o'clock shadow .There is nothing you can do because you probably have dark hair. I would suggest you get some sun tan to even things out because hair tends to go lighter color with the sun, or you'll have to shave every day.
I shaved my bellybutton hair, how do i get my orginal blonde hair back ?
i did this when i was about 12 before a birthday party because i didn't want anyone to see my hairy belly button hair. But it wasn't hairy ! I regret this a mucho lot. please help me.
it did not change the color of your hair,

Each hair had fine little tapered ends that make it seem lighter.

When you shave, it may appear thicker or darker bc due to the lack of the tapered ends

you can wax and let it grow back... should be back to normal.
If i let my leg hair grow out, will it go back to blonde and fine?
I'm a natural blonde and shaved my legs young (as most american girls do) but i want to stop shaving them. but now the hair that grows back is black and course. my arm and upper leg hair are blonde and fine... will the hair on my lower legs eventually grow out back to that?
They'll probably stay the darker color, but don't let that stop you from quitting the razor. Darker hair is perfectly normal -- even on your legs. Personally, I love women who have dark hairy legs and flaunt them; the confidence is incredibly sexy and the hair is sensual.

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