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Men have you watched a very young teen girl dance half naked on youtube?
If you did all i gotta ask is do you consider yourselves pedofiles???
No, I haven't.
I caught my husband masturbating to naked teens pictures?
I caught my husband masturbating to 13 or 14 year old girls. He was in a nudists web site and it was really young teens and he was masturbating to the pictures. How normal is this? I have a 6 year old daughter witch is not his and now I don't know if I should be worried about her. We had a big fight he didn't want to let me see the pictures, I was so mad that I hit him a couple of times, he left and I haven't talk to him since. Basically I don't know if this is something we can work out or if that was much. I he had been masturbating to porn it wouldn't had matter but it wasn't porn it was just girls standing there naked.
gotta say this sounds pretty common. Men masturbate to ALL KINDS of wierd out there things we would never actually have sex with. Don't be to quick to judge. Discuss this with him before calling Chris Hansen but when it comes down to it follow your parental instincts. If you REALLY believe your guy is in danger hit the road.
R teens too young to be having sex?
I'm still a virgin and a lot of people on here who are like really young teens say oh I'm having sex. I think guys in my school are way to immature for me. All they ever think about is Sex, Naked girls, more sex and nude Girls. I'm waiting for a 20 something year old male because they are way Mature!
Hi Kitty
I 100% agree with you.
I know what I am about to say will upset a lot of teenage guys but your much better off with a slightly older guy . One with a bit of sexual experience, especially if your a virgin
I gave mine up aged 16 to a guy the same age it was not a disaster but it was, shall we say a bit of a let down. the next guy I meet was 21 and what a deference he taught me every thing from how to play with the foreskin to how to relax and enjoy an orgasm
the impotent thing is WHEN YOUR READY and you have found the right guy

good luck girl hope you find your HA-penis ha ha

Jill ;-)XXX
Why do a lot of young woman and teen girls put half naked photos of themselves on their 360 page and MYSPACE?
OK so yeah ..i might not be skinny and beautiful in most of societies eyes but if i were skinny and 'hot' i think i would have more respect for myself....!!!! What is wrong with these people?? Is their self esteem/respect soo low that they need the comments from men to make them feel better?
The USA's morals are going down rapidly!
What's Wrong With Kids And Young Teens Lately?
They're Having Sex at 12 and 13
Sending Naked Pictures

Why Are They Doing This???
Megan P, I understand. While I know some teenagers aren't doing this, too many have done this to make a permanent impression. What happened to the classy romantic idea of love? And, I think sexting is the most ridiculous thing's absolutely disgusting and ignorant.
Young teens--what does YOUR mom think about Hollister and A&F?
I know my mom hates them both. She lets me buy things from there but she refuses to go in with me (music's too loud, too much perfume, naked guys....). Haha. It's kind of funny. So anyways, I wanted to know what your mom thinks of these places. Does she not really care or does she have a big problem with the clothes and the store? Or somewhere in between?
Well, my mom is all right with it. . .she wants me to look nice.
But my dad. . .he's another story. Like your mom, he hates the music and the naked people.
I go to a pretty conservative church and get dirty looks whenever I wear that stuff. haha.
Crazy parents. You'd think your mom would want to see those hot guys after looking at your dad all day. . .
Is it common/normal for a grown azz 27 year old to look at naked teens on the net?
This website this person was looking at is a teen porn website. The girls are 17-19 or 18-19. Something like that. But I think it's nasty because these girls look like babies! This person has told me he would never date anyone that young. So why get off looking at them naked with semen all over their faces??? Yeah I know that's gross but I had to go there. Also this person is in the profession of working with young girls. And he's married with guys!
I don't like the sound of that too look at teenagers and your a adult, it like giving a teenager you met on the streets your phone number and say that y'all are just friends. I find it weird that he has guys and working with young girls and looking at the on the web doing sexual thing. Plus sites like that is illegal for putting girls on there that is under the age of eighteen. IT JUST WRONG ALL OVER.....
Is it common/normal for a 27-28 year old to look at naked teens on the net?
This website this person was looking at is a teen porn website. The girls are 18-19. Something like that. Some of them might have been 17. But I think it's nasty because these girls look like babies! This person has told me he would never date anyone that young. So why get off looking at them naked with semen all over their faces??? Yeah I know that's gross but I had to go there. Also this person is in the profession of working with girls that age. And he's married with guys! Shouldn't his wife feel insecure and doubtful about him?
It's nothing normal about someone at the age of 27-28 years old looking at naked teens on the net. I call them perverts and it makes me sick knowing there are men or boys like that around the world. Knowing this; we can't do anything about it other than try to protect our guyren from it as much as we can. His wife should never feel insecure but should feel sick to her stomach as well as mad as hell since he look at young girls especially when he have guys himself.
I'm a young teen Girl and I want to see my best friend!?
When I'm at home sitting in bed I will watch lesbian porn...and then I start thinking about how amazing it would be if my friend and I could do that stuff...I kinda think my friend is a lesbian but I don't know that if I asked she would make out with me or take her top off. What can I do to make sure we get naked together?!O
try these..
asking her a general question about lesbianism.. what she thinks about it..
if its a positive aswer... next part
ask her would she try it ;D.. jokingly..
if good go next part..
hm.. do u like to touched where?..
if good.. go to next aprt..
just get close to her and grab her bluuubies ;D...
and play with her..
then it will be a home run to where and how far you want to take her :D.
Which nude beach has the most young people?
By young people I mean guys/teens/young adults.
Most nude beaches only have old people & barely any young people.
I am 16 btw & I would like to know which nude beach I should go to.
Yes I do wanna see naked girls. If I could see just 1 decent girl naked that would make my day.

So which nude beach/resort has the most young people & least old people?
95% of people at nude beaches are old, like over 50. Sorry to rain on your parade. The most nude beaches are in Europe.

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